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Art prints is where it all began for me and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible artists to produce limited edition runs of art and more. Applying methods similar to textile printing, we can produce more complex pieces, layer colours to produce different effects and even print on other substrates like wood, plastic and steel. Prints come in all shapes and sizes, from business cards to massive statement prints so start thinking outside the box and make the ordinary a little more special. I’m talking snazzy menus and prints for your cafe; vintage style wedding invitations; tickets to your next party that’ll double up as keepsake; you could even reduce your footprint with paper packaging for your boutique or market stall. Check out some of my favourite acrylic projects to date and get your juices flowing.
You can provide your own artwork and designs or, for a small design fee, we can create a customised piece based on your requirements. Creativity and Noise will happily source any stock with the qualities that you require (100% cotton paper, acid and chlorine free, etc) or, you can provide your own stock (card, paper, boxes, twisted handle bags etc). Fill in the form below with as much detail as you can and I’ll get back to you with a plain ol’ no strings quote.