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Build your brand with CAN. T-Shirt printing is how I’ve paid my dues, and after years of honing my craft, I can reproduce your designs onto a variety of fabrics. Screen printing is ideal for printing detailed artwork so think big and let your imagination run riot.
Together we can jump start your very own line of apparel, print yardage to be stitched into anything from card carriers to pencil cases and cushions to scarves. We’ll create some noise to promote your event or campaign with promo tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, bags the list goes on but I’m sure you catch my drift. Prints come in all shapes and sizes, from accessory bags to banners. So if you or a friend runs a restaurant, cafe, band, fashion boutique, record label, choir, group or company, Iʼm talking to you. Check out some of my favourite textile projects to date and get your juices flowing.
You can provide your own artwork and designs or, for a small design fee, we can create a customised piece based on your requirements. Creativity and Noise will happily source any stock with the qualities that you require (fair-trade, organic, etc) or, you can provide your own stock (fabric, tote bags, t-shirts, hoodies, etc). Fill in the form below with as much detail as you can and I’ll get back to you with a plain ol’ no strings quote.